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LexOrbis is a comprehensive Intellectual Property law firm extending IP and Legal services to global corporations, research institutions, technology driven industries and government entities in India and assisting Indian businesses to procure and protect Intellectual Property Rights across the globe.

We offer an exceptional capability in maintaining an acceptable cost to quality matrix in the region. With over 35 IP professionals including lawyers and Patent agents, we pride ourselves in serving IP needs of businesses of varied sizes and structures with accuracy and a swift turnaround time in offering creative solutions to most complex legal and techno-legal issues.


  • Who we are

    LexOrbis is a comprehensive intellectual property law firm based in New Delhi, India with clients from all geographies and ethnicities.

  • Our People

    With their profound domain knowledge and extensive practice experience, our attorneys play a significant role in the intellectual property policy development space.

  • Our Reach

    We are an intellectual property law firm based in India that has forged global relationships and developed an international reach through all corners of the world.

  • IP Services

    We implement comprehensive service and advice in a wide spectrum of intellectual property issues. We have realms of experience in all areas of IP law.

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