Our Reach

We are an intellectual property law firm based in India that has forged global relationships and developed an international reach through all corners of the world.  We serve major industries and provide comprehensive intellectual property services to multinational companies doing business in India.

Representative Clients

img09Our clients span the entire spectrum of intellectual property owners. We have represented IP-driving multinational companies doing business in India, research institutions, emerging businesses, universities and individual creators.No company is too small and no portfolio is too large for our staff of highly trained and well-rounded legal professionals. Amongst the wide range of industries we cater to, some of the areas we hold major focus on include:

India and the World

We are based in India, but our reach extends to all corners of the globe.  LexOrbis is a fore runner in the Indian IP space. We also provide guidance to companies doing business in India about the business differences that exist in this country.We have represented clients across all forums in India, including all the Intellectual Property Offices, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, the District Courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.For Indian companies, the global marketplace represents growth and opportunity.  You need an advocate to protect your ability to enter and thrive in that marketplace.  Our relationships in more than 137 jurisdictions across the world help ensure that wherever your business takes you, we will be there to help.


img12LexOrbis is a new generation law firm that was conceived with the idea of being a firm with an edge. With a fresh outlook, our attorneys practically advise clients on how best to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. In the 16 years since our inception, we have become a key player in the intellectual property arena.  Our lawyers leverage our extensive domain knowledge, highly skilled team and technical advisors for each of our clients’ benefit.

Exclusive IP Focus

img11We concentrate in practicing exclusively on intellectual property law. Our technology processes and people have their focus on intellectual property and how it may enable your business achieve its goals.

Our attorneys have sound backgrounds in a variety of technical domains.  Our 16 years of practice as a law firm and decades of experience as advocates would help us understand your business and how effectively we can protect your intellectual property rights.

Thought Leaders and Policy Makers

img15We take active part in discussions to develop business-friendly intellectual property policies. We are advocates providing bold and practical advice that will create conducive environment for companies to develop and promote their products and services. We play a significant role in the IP policy development in India and our well-regarded intellectual property professionals interact with courts, IP policy makers and other stakeholders to maintain their leadership positions.

Industry-Leading Systems and Processes.

img100We employ cutting-edge technology systems to improve our processes and efficiency. In consultation with our clients, we have developed consummate systems, which are par-excellence.Technical expertise is only one aspect which sets us apart. Our process improvement experts have examined how to provide best-in-class service to our clients. Through our formative years, we have successfully adopted only the best practices of our business. Our knowledge on the subject and our hands-on experience dictates what is right for our clients.  We have examined how best to accomplish our goals and have developed unexampled processes to improve efficiency and results.

Enforcement Experience

img14If an individual or a group is in violation of your intellectual property rights, you need aggressive advocates to help protect your ideas and creations. Our attorneys have been involved in several actions, to enforce clients’ rights. We have the experience to help you prevent others from illegitimately riding on your IP assets at all possible forums.

We also help clients protect their IP assets, including prevention, through criminal and civil legal action, competitors from passing off your commodities as their own.  Our attorneys have assisted in seizures of counterfeit goods and have established a network of relationships to effectively use this tool to your advantage. Our attorneys regularly work with clients on domain name disputes, helping protect their brand identity online.  In addition, we also work with Customs Authorities to enforce your rights at the borders.

Client Dedication

img13Intellectual property is one of your most important business assets. We are dedicated in helping you navigate through all stages of the intellectual property lifecycle.  Our attorneys, with their exclusive focus and a broad diversity of technical backgrounds and experience, help clients achieve the best possible solutions to their intellectual property concerns.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas and intellectual property needs.  Whether you are operating within India or beyond its borders, we offer an integrated range of services to help create, maintain and enforce your intellectual property rights.

“LexOrbis does not provide services in the countries that are subject to economic sanctions by the regulatory authorities.”