Trademark Search & Watch

A trademark is the most valuable business asset. It represents a company’s business and the goodwill associated with it. If appropriately protected, a trademark can provide a tremendous business advantage to an organization.

Our team of dedicated professionals comprising of trademark attorneys, agents, paralegals, and quality experts provides value-added trademark services to help clients maximize business value from their trademarks. With an experience of over 2 decades in international trademark prosecution and enforcement, we offer unique support to our clients ranging from trademark comprehensive search to trademark monitoring and watch. We offer extended hands to your workload. Additionally, we track, manage and deliver projects in an organized and timely manner. LexOrbis is committed to providing extraordinary client service, and expert IP program delivery to our clients.

Our offerings include:


Choosing the right name for your business and brand can mean the difference between success and failure. Trademark searches are critical for new brands.

Trademark Search evaluates the likelihood of the proposed trademark obtaining registration by examining marks already in use in the marketplace. It helps identify potential problems in pursuing a particular name, phrase, design, or symbol to understand the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the client’s chosen mark in the preferred jurisdiction which may easily be overlooked by the untrained eye.

This search is performed on the national trademarks registry and various paid and non-paid databases to ensure the best accuracy in the results yielded. An exhaustive search report is prepared which may or may not be accompanied by an opinion letter from an attorney analyzing the results.

Our team is adept at performing trademark searches across varied jurisdictions and is experienced in working with different search software.



Trademark Watch ensures to monitor similar trademarks/potentially infringing marks by third parties which are registered or are in the process of registration with national trademark offices. It is an essential step in assuring trademark owners to identify potential infringers of their mark on time.  The earlier such applications are discovered, the simpler it is for companies to act out.

Brand owners should rigorously conduct trademark watch to challenge potentially conflicting trademarks, abide by the strict deadlines for filing the notice of oppositions when such applications are published in journals. Our experienced paralegal support team watches out for such infringers and supports clients in accordance with their tailored requirements.

We offer customized trademark watch assistance to fit your exclusive requirements and share relevant and accurate results. With worldwide coverage through niche partners across the globe for language support, our trademark watch monitoring services are targeted and reliable.


Trademark Counterfeit Watch

Counterfeiters create grave obstacles for authentic businesses but too many people are oblivious of the destruction of counterfeit goods on brands or goods bearing counterfeit marks.

Trademark Counterfeit Watch exposes the possible counterfeiters by keeping a diligent watch over the e-commerce websites.

Our efficient and experienced in-house team provides a cutting-edge exhaustive watch targeting forgers easily getting away with infringing rightfully owned trademarks. The watch is conducted across the globe as well for the jurisdictional preference of the client. We monitor, report, and enforce as per the client’s need.



Domain names play a vital role in publicizing an organization and act as an easy-to-remember identity associated with the name on the Internet.

Domain name watch confirms the availability of a domain name. Our team monitors new, identical, and confusingly similar domain registrations. We expose the most pertinent watch results to enable our clients to make informed decisions. We also educate our clients on indistinguishable, duplicate, and closely identical domain names.