Patent Search & Analytics

LexOrbis offers wide array of high-end patent search and analytics services catering to Fortune 500 companies and AM 100 law firms. Our search services portfolio has been designed to serve the entire patent life cycle from conceptualization to commercialization. We have a dedicated search team for all the major technical domains, and we offer a unique blend of technical as well as legal expertise with PhD’s, Masters, patent agents and attorneys. All our patent engineers are also qualified patent agents who conduct exhaustive searches with consideration to patent laws.

Our offerings include:

Knock-out Search

A Knock-out Search is a cost-effective search with a quick turnaround time focused on establishing the novelty of your invention. It aims to target the closest prior art and may include patent or non-patent literature. It is done during the initial stage of ideation of your invention and helps in determining if your idea is worth pursuing.

LexOrbis offers high-quality Knock-out Search that includes assessment of documents from any jurisdiction with a clear representation of analysis in a cost-effective manner. With our search, we help our clients in avoiding any direct conflicts and innovate further by designing the invention around/on top of the prior arts available. This also ensures a stronger novelty feature in the invention, which results in a superior patent application.

We help universities, their spin-offs, and the R&D department of innovative corporates in screening a large volume of inventions which reduces the number of invention disclosures reaching the next level by almost 70-75%. It yields information on inventions that need improvement or information on invention disclosure that needs more in-depth analysis.


Patentability Search

A Patentability Search is conducted to find out whether a potential invention is already known, or not.

It also helps in drafting a stronger patent as it provides the closest prior arts which in turn, helps in emphasizing the novelty of the invention.

LexOrbis offers high-quality Patentability Searches. Our search team is segregated based on subject matter experts who follow a robust search methodology to approach relevant sets of patents from multiple directions. We conduct an exhaustive and global search of patent and non-patent literature with a quick turnaround time and competitive cost options.

We can share a predefined format of information disclosure form to share the relevant details of the invention. Our technical team schedules a call to make sure we understand each aspect of their invention which becomes a stepping stone of our search. The search report is finally reviewed by an experienced team lead (patent attorney) and thereafter delivered in form of user-friendly reports in a pdf format.


Freedom-to-Operate Search

A Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search is done to determine if a product or process is infringing upon someone else’s patent in a particular jurisdiction or not. It helps in making sound business decision making before entering a market with a product or process.

As part of our FTO Search, we also provide the legal status of the patents identified so that the clients know about the expired patents which are now in the public domain, such patents act as a safeguard from infringement as they count as prior arts. We ensure that our evaluation is carried out on patents and applications currently in force and we perform additional screening based on Title/Abstract/Claims.

Our final deliverables are in form of color-coded claim charts in which independent claims of each shortlisted patent/application are mapped to the client’s product or process.


Invalidity Search

A patent Invalidity Search or Patent Validity Search is an exhaustive patent and non-patent literature search conducted against the claim of a patent to find out relevant art that is filed or existed before its earliest priority date. The search is conducted either to invalidate one or more claims of a patent or to validate the enforceability of a patent’s claims.

We conduct an exhaustive Invalidation Search that is not restricted to jurisdictions or timelines. We invoke multiple grounds for invalidation such as anticipation by prior publication or prior claiming, obviousness, insufficiency of disclosure (claims not supported), enablement (weak specification), file wrapper study of patent family, and other grounds depending upon the jurisdiction.


Infringement Search

A patent Infringement Search is conducted to find out any infringers of your patent. Technically, it involves searching for products or processes which are infringing upon the claims of your patent.

At LexOrbis, we examine patent infringement beyond literal infringement and adopt a holistic approach. For an infringement analysis, if all elements of the patent claim are present in the searched product or process, it is said to be literally infringing the patent. However, if the product or process leaves out any element included in the claim, then we need to go even deeper wherein we examine whether the infringed device performed substantially the same function or work in the same way to obtain the same result. We employ both these levels of search to identify the infringer. Moreover, we consider a variety of platforms such as patent databases, product brochures, datasheets, catalogues, white papers, etc. Our report is shared in form of color-coded claimed charts.


Competitor Watch Service

Competitor Watch involves monitoring patent activities of your competitor(s) such as just issued patent, published patent application, transfer of technology by buying or selling the patent, filing trend, and publication trend. This allows you to make a timely decision if your competitor’s patent is a threat to your business. You can file pre-grant opposition, post-grant opposition, or proceed for invalidation or in-licensing.

We at LexOrbis offer quality competitor watch services. We have a vast network of associate all over the globe who helps in covering even the most difficult jurisdictions where legal status data of an IP is not publicly available. Our trained paralegals review transaction history and file wrapper to provide a detailed summary of events in the monitoring period. Our competitor watch reports are shared monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly depending upon the client’s requirement.


Landscape/Whitespace Analysis

A patent Landscape is an analysis of patent data that reveals intelligence related to technology and business. It provides a comprehensive insight of focused technology domains concerning key patents/technology and commercial interests.

Backed by an experience of several years in the field of IP, we ensure the best possible outputs to the clients. We at LexOrbis conduct Landscape Analysis to derive patent intelligence by using our robust methodology coupled with relevant graphical tools for analysis such as Assignee/Inventor Analysis, Trend Analysis, Classification Analysis, Citation Analysis, etc.  Our approach of problem-solution matrix further helps in identifying the gap i.e. whitespaces in a technology landscape. We follow a practice of continuous interaction and support for the client to achieve the client’s objective.

Our deliverables can be in customized formats, allowing dynamic generation and modifications of graphs for better analysis and decision-making by the client.