Patent Drafting

Writing a patent specification and claims around the novel feature of the invention which has an inventive step needs a very balanced and scientific approach. In a good patent draft, the description of the technical subject matter should be enabling and should disclose all necessary embodiments.

We boast of a dedicated team of patent drafters who have drafted 1000s of patent applications for Fortune 500 Corporates and leading global IP Law Firms. Our patent drafters, having sound backgrounds in a variety of technical domains, possess a doctorate and post-graduate qualifications in the fields of Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Genetics, Electrical & Electronics, Computer and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering to name a few. We assist clients to move from the intangible to the tangible and to put their ideas on paper.

Our Patent Drafting services include:

  • Conducting disclosure meetings with the inventors to comprehend the inventive concept and subject matter.
  • Drafting non-provisional and provisional specifications including the drawings to meet standards for filing in USPTO, EPO, JPO, PCT, India, and other countries.
  • Proofreading of patent application to ensure that the patent application protects the intended scope. Usually done to check grammar, technical adherence, enablement, claim structure, and language consistency.