Global Trademark Filing & Prosecution

To serve the needs of domestic companies expanding businesses outside India either by way of export or local presence or the needs of multinational corporations, we provide one stop solution for seeking trademark protection across the world. We work with a trusted network of trademark attorneys in over 180 countries for filings and prosecution of national and international/Madrid trademark applications.

Our offerings include:

Our country offerings include:

Pre-Filing Review

Our clients involve us at the early stage of branding exercise. With the expansion of markets and entry of thousands of new brands, it is imperative that the identity of the businesses, goods and services are chosen with due care and diligence to avoid risk of infringing third party rights. We provide global trademark search solution to mitigate such risks.

Once the trademarks including word marks, logos, composite marks or non-conventional marks are finalized after carefully reviewing the search results from the Register of the desired countries, we carefully choose the goods or services specification to avoid conflicts with any other pre-existing identical or similar mark on the Register. Our expert paralegals prepare trademark applications in accordance with local laws and coordinate filing in multi jurisdictions.


Application Preparation and e-filing

Trademark application preparation may consume a lot of time as it requires careful review and proofreading of goods and services specification. The process also becomes complex if a prior user of the mark is claimed in the application. Laws of many countries require submission of evidence to support the user claimed in the application, at the time of filing of the application or immediately thereafter. We assist our clients to prepare the application with all necessary documents as required in different jurisdictions and coordinate filing of the applications.


Examination Report Response

A trademark application undergoes examination process post-filing in almost all the countries whether the said application is filed as national application or an international application under Madrid system. The examination reports generally contain objections on absolute or relative ground of refusals or formal objections. Objections are handled by making submissions of law and facts and many a times by amending the goods and services. Our trademark attorneys in consultation with local attorneys help in preparing and filing of responses to examination reports/office actions. We also assist in preparing responses to provisional refusals issued by national trademark offices in International/Madrid applications.

Count on us for rush projects without comprising on quality and reliability.


Paralegal Support

As it gets irksome to manage deadlines and keep track of progress of an application, paralegal support is the key. We are here to make it easy for you. We fulfill all your necessities of formal administration duties in connection with the submission, processing, and management of trademark applications.

We provide end to end support services such as providing secretarial support to attorneys, preparing and filing trademark applications, analyzing and reviewing local and foreign trademark files, coordinating with various local and foreign lawyers to support in trademark cases, help in writing appeals and responses, database management, maintaining filing systems and case dates, updating clients with their portfolio status, replying to communications received from clients regarding their portfolios via e-mails, and phone, and maintaining our in-house system to send reports and statistics to clients on timely basis.

With our extensive global patent agent network, we become one stop solution for all your needs.