Comprehensive Intellectual Property Advice

ipadviceProtecting your intellectual property is our top most priority.  In the emerging global economy of today, it is critical to have a legal advisor that understands the global landscape.  LexOrbis has forged relationships with legal experts in over 137 jurisdictions across the World.  As members and participants at major international intellectual property forums and organizations, we are mindful of intellectual property trends that impact businesses within India and beyond.

The landscape of intellectual property is rapidly evolving and particularly in spheres related to the laws, rules and practices in the field of Patent procurement and enforcement.  Changes bring with them opportunities for your ideas to become better assets for your business.  We counsel clients on how to react to the developments and empower them to cultivate and execute an effective IP strategy that meets the needs of its time. So, whether you are conducting operations in India, or providing products and services to the Indian market from across the borders, your ability to protect your creative ideas has never been greater.  We are excited to help you leverage these opportunities to maximize your business goals.