Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

ip-protectionEvaluating your freedom to enter a product space is important to your business. Our legal team assists clients in IP clearances to evaluate the intellectual property landscape prior to launching a new product or service and develop strategies to maximize a client’s IP portfolio

Obtaining intellectual property rights is only the first step in maximizing the benefits of your creative work.  LexOrbis can help you address issues running through the entire lifecycle of the Intellectual property.  Our long trusted relationships with attorneys and firms across the globe have allowed us to work towards effective global enforcement of your rights.

Since India often forms a significant part of a foreign company’s global intellectual property portfolio, a law firm that understands IP trends in India and knows how to extend those rights to markets outside India, is very essential. LexOrbis is skilled in all aspects of intellectual property enforcement, including patents, designs, , domain names, geographic indications and civil and criminal enforcement of trademarks and copyrights.  Understanding how each of these areas interacts with the other is important in procuring the broadest protection possible.