Patent search is done to check whether any invention which is similar to your invention already exists. Various patent databases are used to conduct this search. A patent search can give an idea to the inventor about the patentability of his/her invention and whether the application should be filed or not.

Patenting is an expensive procedure; therefore, it is advisable to do a patent search before filing to avoid draining your financial resources without any fruitful outcome.

For the purpose of drafting patent claims, the patent attorney should know the prior art of the invention. A patent search can provide a clear picture of how much of the invention falls in the area of the prior art. By doing this, patent claims can be modified in such a manner which do not infringe other patents that come under the prior art.

A patent search can also help the inventor in economically gaining from his/her invention. Through a patent search, the inventor can come to know about certain companies which are interested in using the invention. This way, the inventor can license the invention and economically gain from it.

Identifying the Patents

The trained and highly experienced attorneys of LexOrbis can help the clients in obtaining the broadest protection for their inventions. They help the clients to identify the patents that already exist in the market which come under the domain of prior art. LexOrbis patent attorneys can create a system of invention identification and documentation in order to protect the client from future claims of patent infringement.

Assisting the Client

The professionals at LexOrbis IP Attorneys provide expert advice to the clients in order to address their IP related concerns.  LexOrbis IP attorneys aim at securing the widest patent protection for its clients by giving the best customer experience.

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