Procuring the broadest protection for your creations is only one aspect of maximizing the benefit intellectual property can yield for your company.  When competitors and others infringe on your rights, you need an effective and experienced advisor to guide you through and help protect your IP assets.

The professionals at LexOrbis have years of experience navigating the complex issues surrounding intellectual property enforcement.  We will work with you to determine how best to respond, including negotiating with infringing parties, filing suit in district court or seeking injunctive relief.

Patent Enforcement

img07 When an individual or group is infringing on your granted patents, quick action is necessary.  In some cases, a demand to the infringing party may be all that is required.  In other cases, you may need to enforce your rights in court. A granted Patent may also be revoked by a third party on many grounds

To determine whether infringement is occurring, the courts will examine the scope of the patented claim, the infringing act, and whether the alleged act violates the monopoly granted by the patent.  The court will also examine whether the infringing party was making, using, exercising, selling, or distributing products or services in violation of your grant.

Patent enforcement can only occur once your patent is granted.  It is important to obtain the broadest protection possible during that process.

While damages can certainly be granted, the first step in enforcing your patent is attempting to prevent the infringing party from further infringing acts through an injunction or other means.

LexOrbis has the experience, both on the legal and the technical side, to examine your alternatives and counsel you on the best course of action given your particular and unique circumstances

Trademark Enforcement

tm-enforcementEnforcing your trademarks is important in protecting the name and reputation of your company has garnered over the years.  Competitors may attempt to pass off a product that confuses the public and diminishes the value of your brand.

Our legal professionals have extensive experience in trademark enforcement and can advise you on enforcement strategy and help protect your rights in court, if necessary.  The court may order whatever remedies it sees fit including monetary damages, an account of profits, an order for surrender of the infringing material, or any combination of the above.

We have the experience, both on the legal and on the business front, to examine your alternatives and counsel you on the best course of action given your particular and unique circumstances.

Copyright Enforcement

copyright-enforcementInfringement of your creative copyrighted work diminishes your value in the work.  By copying the work, your investment in time and effort is nullified.  Our legal professionals have been working with rights holders for decades to protect their copyrighted works.  While trademark and patent enforcement rarely involve working with law enforcement, copyright enforcement often does.

Our professionals have participated in almost half a million seizures of copyrighted goods.  Over the years, we have built the relationships necessary to help you protect your own work.  If you analyze that your work is being misused, creative works you have spent so much of your time and effort creating, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance and advice.