Invention Identification

Obtaining the broadest protection for your inventions means identifying what assets require protection as early as possible.  Our trained attorneys can help you evaluate your invention disclosures systematically to identify the valuable patents that exist.

We also help clients develop an internal process to better document their ideas for this process and protect them from future claims of misappropriation.  If you do not already have some form of invention identification and documentation system, we can establish a system for you.  We have worked with multiple clients to successfully establish these procedures.

Trademark selection

Marketing a new product or service involves developing a brand image and strategy.  Your consumers need to differentiate you in the marketplace.  Trade-marks are an essential component of your brand.

We also help our clients identify names and monikers that are truly unique.  We also assist in searching and clearing existing names and monikers.  This service helps businesses use their unique identity and name to the fullest extent possible, while minimizing future problems.

Brand identity is not just present in your products, but in your online identity as well.  By working with you early to develop your presence and signature, we can ensure the most comprehensive protection available. This protection may include registering domain names, as well as addressing infringers who are cyber-squatting on your brand.