Before filing the application for registration of a mark, it is highly advisable to conduct a trademark search with the chosen jurisdiction(s) to file and classes. In Nepal, a trademark search can be conducted on both word marks and device marks.

Trademark Search

Trademark search should be performed to understand the chances of success the proposed mark has in the process of registration. Trademark searches excavates all the comparable, similar and conflicting marks filed or registered with the Registry. It also helps an applicant to understand the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the proposed mark along with an opinion on probability of registration of the mark. This report is optional but it is highly advisable to perform one.

Trademark search is performed on the chosen mark and classes aligned with respect to goods and services of an applicant’s business. The Nepalese trademark office supports the 9th edition of the nice classification. Trademark searches can be conducted on 1-45 classes, sub-divided as 1-34 for goods and 35-45 for services.

Trademark Search in Nepal

Word Mark Search

Nepal follows the nice classification and trademark searches in Nepal can be conducted for the desired class.

Device Mark Search

In case of a device mark search in Nepal, search can be conducted through Vienna code classification.

It is also advisable to do a comprehensive company search and domain search of the proposed trademark in Nepal.

Trademark search can be performed at the National IP office, Nepal according to any of the following search criteria.

  • Search by Name
  • Search by Sign (word, picture or composite mark)
  • Search by Class
  • Search by Type (National trademarks or Foreign trademarks)