LexOrbis to Unveil Robust Technology Tools for Global IP Services

LexOrbis to Unveil Robust Technology Tools for Global IP ServicesIn the wake of the technology revolution reshaping business landscapes, LexOrbis is at the forefront of innovation. By leveraging technology tools and applications, industries are experiencing a paradigm shift in their operational frameworks. The realm of intellectual property (IP) is also undergoing a transformation, with governments and industries harnessing advanced technologies to enhance efficiency across global IP protection, enforcement, and exploitation systems.

Recognising the imperative to optimise IP services through cutting-edge technologies, LexOrbis has forged a strategic alliance with Researchwire (RW), a pioneering consultancy based in Mumbai. RW, a leading global firm specialising in intellectual property and techno-commercial research, boasts a team of 200 technology experts. Their collaboration aims to elevate IP service quality by integrating RW’s bespoke tools and methodologies.

LexOrbis, India’s premier IP law firm, has been at the vanguard of technological innovation, streamlining work processes and service deliveries through automation. While many of these tools were developed using conventional software technologies of the past decade, this partnership marks a new era of efficiency.

The partnership’s primary objective is the development of a comprehensive solution for managing the entire IP lifecycle. Initially, LexOrbis plans to pilot RW’s tools in critical IP lifecycle areas such as patent searches, application preparations, reporting, docket management, IDS management, and more. Ultimately, these tools will converge on a unified collaborative platform, optimising the IP management process.

Speaking about this exciting venture, Manisha Singh, the founder of LexOrbis, expressed her enthusiasm, saying:


“This partnership perfectly aligns with our mission to continually innovate and enhance the value we provide to our clients. By incorporating technology tools into our services, we are set to establish new excellence standards in the legal support landscape.”


Equally enthusiastic about the partnership, Rohit Kumar, Director of Client Relations and Partner in Researchwire, commented:


“Our collaboration with LexOrbis represents a harmonious fusion of legal expertise and technological prowess. Together, we are dedicated to elevating the client experience and redefining efficiency benchmarks in our industry.”



For more information about this innovative collaboration, please get in touch with LexOrbis at mail@lexorbis.com or Researchwire at query@researchwire.in.