Patent Licensing

Higher Revenue for Your Inventions

A patent gives its owner the exclusive right to practice the patent and the right to exclude others from using, making, selling or importing the invention for a fixed period and within a fixed jurisdiction. The idea behind patenting is to protect innovation by providing recognition and economic incentives to the inventive minds. However, trending today is the idea of leveraging one’s patent in order to fetch higher incentives.  There are patent holders looking to further benefit from the overall value of their patents by licensing such patents.  Patent licensing allows the licensee to step into the shoes of the patent holder and exercise all the rights in respect of the concerned invention, including the right to sue, in turn for royalty or a reasonable compensation. The idea behind patent licensing is to monetize the inventions because mere recognition is not enough when an invention is capable of generating higher revenues. What is important, thus, is to ascertain the actual value of a patent and to identify the interested or prospective licensees in respect of one’s patent.

Valuation of Invention and Identification Suitable Licensees

LexOrbis provides assistance to the interested customers in gauging the value of their invention, identifying a suitable licensee and proceeding with the patent licensing formalities. Customers may seek assistance by writing, e-mails, dialing the cost-free number 080-3927-5503/05 or through social channels.