About Patent Prosecution

Prosecution in legal terms demarcated as the body of officials/executives by whom such proceedings are instituted and carried on. Generally, it refers to petitioner’s side of litigation.

Impending up with the term “Patent Prosecution” termed as the process of writing and filling Patent Applications and trailing protection for the patent application with the patent office. Patent prosecution is the interface between applicants and their representatives, and a Patent office with regard to the application of the patent. In Patent Prosecution, it is also necessary to present persuasive arguments on behalf of the applicant and to negotiate with the Patent Office Examiner for an allowable set of claims.

Approximately Patent Prosecution can be fragmented into Pre-Grant Prosecution & Post Grant Prosecution. Pre-Grant Prosecution involves negotiation with a patent office for the grant of a patent and Post-Grant Prosecution involves issues such as post-grant amendment and opposition.

Patent prosecution is distinct from patent litigation, which relates to legal proceedings for infringement of a patent after it is granted.

Patent Prosecutors

Patent Prosecutors help you to flourish an intellectual property protection strategy, including preparing and filing patent applications with the patent office. Patent prosecution lawyers in India must be licensed to practice law as well as licensed to practice in front of the patent office.

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