Shale Gas: Global and Indian Scenario

It is an undeniable fact that the worldwide reserves of conventional oil and gas have been depleting rapidly. With depleting petroleum reserves and current need for clean fuel, the countries are steady shifting towards unconventional oil and gas resources. For nearly two decades, countries have been striving to build an overlap between conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources to meet the market demand.

The patent filing trend of past decade below shows that the number of patents filed globally and in India for conventional resources has decreased over the years, while the number of patents filed for unconventional resources appears to remain steady. It is also evident from the chart that the research on the unconventional resources, although growing is still at a nascent stage in comparison to the conventional resources. Therefore, there is a huge space available for the research, development, and further commercialization of the unconventional sources.

Sampada Bokade discusses about the Indian and Global Scenario of Shale gas in her article published in IPLink. The same can be viewed at