About Trademark Registration

Trademark is a perceptible mark design or expression which ascertains products or services of a particular source from others. The owner can be a single person or business organization or from any legal entity. To protect your brand products or services you have to register you Trademark such that no one can exploit your product or brand.

Registering a trademark is a legal process provided for under the Trade Marks Act, 1999. The Trade Marks Registry was established in India in 1940 and presently it administers the Trade Marks Act defining the rules and procedures of registering your Trademark. Objective of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is to register trademarks applied for in the country and to provide for better protection of trademark for goods and services and also to prevent fraudulent use of the mark. The main purpose of the Registry is to register trademarks which succeed for registration as per provisions of the Trade Marks Act and Rules, and to maintain the Register of trademarks.

How to Register a Trademark

The trade mark registration submission must have the following information:

  • The Trademark
  • Name and address of the proprietor of the mark
  • The class and goods/services in respect of which it is registered including particulars affecting the scope of registration of rights conferred or disclaimers.
  • Date since the Trademark came into picture.

Client Assistant

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