Over the last decade, Indian businesses have become more cautious and alert of the IP Rights as they have come to terms with the heights that IP rights can give to one’s venture. One such right is Trademark which enables the owner of its exclusive use to identify or represent its products or services in the market. But before getting a trademark registered, it is important to do a Trademark Search. This is done to know if there is already an existence of the similar mark, strength of the mark to be registered and getting away with any future objections against the mark. Trademark Search in India can be conducted for word mark, numerals, labels and device marks.

Trademark Database

An online trademark search database is available on the website of the Comptroller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks which contains all the trademark applications submitted to the Registrar of Trademarks in India including registered, applied, objected and expired trademarks. This search will give all the relevant information of the trademark, if it is registered. If no matches are found then there are no registered or applied trademarks similar to the mark.

Understanding Trademark Search Results

Understanding and interpreting the trademark search results can be tricky. But with access to Lexorbis, it becomes trouble-free. The attorneys at Lexorbis will not only make the understanding of the results elementary but will also envisage the possibility of getting the trademark registered and assist all the trademark queries.