AI in Healthcare Sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a significant factor for emerging researches
in the healthcare sector, particularly in the pharma and biopharma industry wherein
computing technologies are used to analyze the data. There is no mutually agreed definition of AI; however, processes adopting human intelligence for activities such as reasoning, adoption for learning, understanding and interacting are usually
considered key factors for defining AI. The healthcare industry is rapidly growing, with a focus on scientific innovations and transforming rationally.
While the innovations related to the field of target drug delivery, drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development are increasing with the technical development, AI has the potential to further strengthen the healthcare system. India, being the fastest growing economy with the second largest population, has a significant stake in the AI revolution.

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Article by Rajeev Kumar and Pankaj Musyuni

Article was 1st published in The Life Sciences Lawyer (CTC Media)