Welcome to China, Disney! ™

disney-land-1459236The happiest place on Earth for children and adults alike, Disneyland, the iconic U.S. firm, is preparing to open its franchise theme park in China next year. Disney and Disneyland are two world recognized names having their own fan following spanning worldwide. Going to Disneyland is every child’s dream and every adult’s fantasy, and no matter what age group, Disney will be a fond memory until the end of time! Be it Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White or even Peter Pan, Disney merchandises are sold, from something as basic as coasters to bed-linens, jewellery, home items, clothing, accessories, kitchen cutlery, etc. With intellectual property infringement rampant everywhere, it is not surprising to know that Disney has its own anti-piracy group keeping an eye on the usage of its brands and characters.

Encouraging this move to open Disneyland in China, they have welcomed it by according it with a special trademark protection to Walt Disney & Co. with the State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC), China even promoting a yearlong campaign to track down on all possible and immediate Disney counterfeits. This is being done with the underlying intention of providing protection to Walt Disney as well as its group of companies in order to evade the fake products damaging the country’s reputation regarding apparent knockoffs, fakes, replicas and copying. They added that this would stimulate the growth of a fair and a competitive market, thereby safeguarding China’s image internationally with respect to its intolerance towards infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR).

This shows China’s earnest struggle to shake off its otherwise reputation for its extensive infringement of IPRs, with Apple, Samsung and other major brands bearing testimony to it. SAIC further stated that it would create emergency teams with the aim of protecting Disney’s IPRs, increasing training forces to identify illegal activities and behaviour and enhance the monitoring of Disney counterfeits and fakes online and otherwise. It is estimated that the counterfeit goods sold online in China were almost 40% in comparison to other original goods and products. With the Disneyland theme park scheduled to open in China next year, is hopeful to tap the growth of China’s economy to unscaled heights.

Disney and Disneyland lovers in China are surely waiting with bated breath for the day the theme park throws open its doors.