Delhi courts Not to Observe Summer Vacation

The Hon’ble Full Court of the Delhi High Court Judges, in consultation with the Delhi High Court Bar Association, today, April 9, 2020 has decided to continue the functioning of the Delhi High Court and the Courts subordinate thereto, during the month of June, 2020. The courts in Delhi ordinarily observe summer vacation during the month of June. However, in view of the emergent national crisis caused by COVID-19 and the difficulties faced by the litigants, lawyers and the entire legal fraternity due to current nation wide lock down, the Delhi High Court has modified its previous resolution to resolve full functioning of the courts in Delhi in the month of June, 2020.

The relevant part of the Full Court resolution reads:

“Since during the period of suspension of work, the hearing is limited to the matters of extremely urgent nature or urgent nature, there is negligible fresh filing of cases, lesser disposal and corresponding escalation in arrears, resulting in extreme hardship to litigants.

In view of the severe hardship faced by the litigants due to the prevailing pandemic of COVID-19 that has impaired the functioning of the courts, it has been unanimously resolved by the Full Court that to make up for the loss of court working hours and to ensure restoration of normalcy in the functioning of the courts at the earliest, in modification of the resolution of the Full Court dated 16.09.2019, declaring the period of the Summer vacations for this Court and the Courts subordinate thereto in the month of June 2020, this Court and courts subordinate thereto shall continue functioning during the entire month of June i.e. from 01.06.2020 to 30.06.2020. It is hoped and expected that members of the Bar shall extend their full cooperation in making the functioning of the courts meaningful and purposeful during the month of June 2020.”