How to select a good brand name for your business

Selection of the right brand, called a ‘trade mark’ under the legal terminology, is one of the most prominent and crucial aspects of a business. Whether it is a multinational corporation, a medium sized enterprise or a start-up, every kind of business needs a mark, name or symbol which creates a recall value in the minds of customers, and distinguishes its products and services from those of competitors.

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While selecting a brand name, an entrepreneur must be ready to walk a tightrope between the legal aspects and the commercial aspects of a business. It is important to select a brand which is easy to register and is capable of being strongly enforced against third parties in case of misuse. Aprajita Nigam presents a capsule on how to select a good brand name for your business. The results you reap in future, heavily depend on the choices you make today. Make the right choice!