WTR 1000: The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2021 guide- LexOrbis is recognized for the category “enforcement and litigation & prosecution and strategy”; Manisha Singh is recognized under the category “enforcement and litigation, prosecution and strategy”; Abhai Pandey is recognized under the category “enforcement and litigation”; Omesh Puri is recognized under the category “transactions”

WTR 1000 recognized three partners of LexOrbis in the list of “World’s Leading Trademark Professionals 2021 guide”. Managing Partner Manisha Singh is recognized for “enforcement and litigation, prosecution and strategy”, Abhai Pandey for “enforcement and litigation” and Omesh Puri for “transactions”. WTR says: Manisha Singh is an acclaimed all-rounder whose interest in technology has pushed the firm to develop modern IP service delivery models based on efficiency. Omesh Puri heads the trademark, design and copyright practice, while experienced enforcer Abhai Pandey resolves IP disputes with aplomb. The Firm “consistently offers sound advice and achieves good results” to the clients. Read more at: India Top TM Professionals | World Trademark Review. Our gratitude to to all our clients and colleagues for their continuous support.

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